Electromagnetic Scattering from Multilayered Periodic Arrays of Ferrite Cylinders Embedded in a Dielectric Slab

H. Toyama and K. Yasumoto (Japan)


Electronic switching, periodic structures, lattice sums, T matrix, magnetized ferrite cylinder, reflection and trans mission. 1 .


The two-dimensional electromagnetic plane wave scatter ing from multilayered periodic arrays of circular ferrite cylinders embedded in a dielectric slab has been analyzed using the lattice sums technique for the periodic arrange ment, the T-matrix for the scattering by cylindrical objects within a unit cell, and the generalized reflection and trans mission matrices for the multilayered system. The ferrite cylinders are magnetized in the direction parallel to the cylinder axes. Numerical examples for the frequency re sponse in the reflectance have been examined and interest ing features peculiar to the anisotropic medium have been observed.

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