Analysis of Frequency Selective Surfaces Loaded by Chiral Substrates

F. Urbani (USA) and L. Vegni (Italy)


Frequency Selective Surface (FSS), Method of Moment (MoM), Electric Field Integral Equation (EFIE), Chiral media


In this paper the analysis of a Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) loaded by a chiral substrate is presented. The numerical results are obtained with an in-house developed simulation code written with Mathematica ® 5.0. The approach followed works in the spectral domain, and the modal analysis is based upon Floquet theorem. The analysis returns an Electric Field Integral Equation (EFIE) which, solved through the Method of Moment (MoM), provides the unknown coefficients. Once these coefficients are calculated, knowing the current density it is possible to obtain the transmission and reflection coefficients per each desired frequency value. The spectral dyadic Green function has also been evaluated. In the literature is not present any method to obtain the Greens’ spectral dyadic function, hereby a classical technique is presented. The method defines the electromagnetic field in all the four regions involved in the problem, and then imposes the appropriate boundary conditions to evaluate the constants and re-write the electromagnetic field, considering an impulsive current density, that will return the four dyad components. A numerical code has been developed in order to solve the electromagnetic problem for a chiral FSS and numerical results are presented and discussed.

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