Analysis of Backscattering from Conducting Targets in Continuous Random Media for Circular Polarization

H. El-Ocla (Canada)


RCS, random medium, polarization, backscatter ing enhancement, creeping wave, scattering


:Thepolarizationofincidentwaves is one of the key factors in the radar detection and remote sensing problems. In previous study, it was pointed out to an anomalous increase in the enhancement in the radar cross-section (ERCS) of a target in random medium that occurs with H-polarization. That large increase occurs with small size target and is attributed to the coupling between the direct and creeping waves. In this work, we aim to probe the effect of the creeping waves on the scattering waves for circular wave polarization and compare it with the previous re sults. In doing that, we analyze numerically the characteristics of the ERCS behavior of targets in random media. In this regard, we assume partially convex targets of different configurations.

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