Slow-Moving Emitter Passive Ranging using an Bearing-Only Tracking Filter and Input Estimation

S.-C. Lee, C.-C. Chao, and Y.-T. Wu (Taiwan)


Slow Moving, Passive Ranging, Input Estimation, Direction Finder


A bearing-only tracking algorithm to locate the slow moving target-ship emitter source position from a missile is presented. The algorithm employs an extended Kalman filter (EKF) combined with input estimation (IE) skill instead of the conventional EKF and uses the angular measurements from an onboard direction finder (DF). The dynamic relationship between the target-ship and missile motion is formulated in hybrid coordinate, which yields good noise-handling performance. This research formulates the dynamic model of a missile-target in midcourse phase for identification with an un-modeled target maneuvering input covering possible modeling error which the modeling error is also the major concerning issue in the passive ranging. Moreover, this paper presents a novel on-line estimation approach, adaptive filter, to tracking the slow moving target from a bearing-only data. The combined scheme of the adaptive IE filter markedly improves the tracking accuracy and trajectory shaping capability as well. Simulation results reveal that the proposed algorithm is superior to that of the pure conventional filter algorithm.

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