Family of Stepped-Frequency LFM Trains with Low Autocorrelation Sidelobes

D. Chebanov, I. Gladkova, and J. Weber (USA)


Radar, signal processing, autocorrelation function, step ped-frequency LFM train, time sidelobes


Modern radars transmit pulses with wide overall bandwidth to achieve high range resolution. In the case, when such wideband pulses are undesirable due to the expensive hard ware needed to support the wide instantaneous bandwidth, frequency-stepping technique that allows the transmission of extremely wideband waveforms by a radar with a rela tively small instantaneous bandwidth is used. In this paper we consider a new family of stepped frequency waveforms designed for the purposes of high range resolution. We show that a suitable choice of wave form’s parameters leads to the essential suppression of its autocorrelation function (ACF) sidelobes. We perform analysis of the set of parameter values that provide sidelobe suppression below some predetermined level.

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