Single-Snapshot Signal Subspace Methods for Active Target Location: Part II: Born-Approximable Case

E.A. Marengo and F.K. Gruber (USA)


Target, location, tracking, direction-of-arrival, time rever sal, multiple signal classification, genetic algorithm.


A signal subspace method is derived for the active array localization of point targets whose collective scattering is Born-approximable. The method enables the localization of up to N(N + 1)/2 − 1 targets from a single snapshot of the multistatic response matrix (MRM) measured by an active coincident array of N co-located transmitters and re ceivers. Furthermore, when applied to MRM data gathered using more general, noncoincident arrays of N elements, the method can be used to locate up to N2 − 1 targets. The paper includes computer simulations illustrating the theory.

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