Proposal of Improved Model for ITU-R P.1546-1 based on Measurements

A.J.M. Soares, C.G. Rego, E.V. Melo, G.W.O. Costa, J.P.D.M. Pinto, N. Pasquali, P.H.P. de Carvalho, and W.K. Guimaraes (Brazil)


Propagation, Indoor and Urban, Prediction, System Planning.


The prediction of the coverage area is an essential step on the planning of mobile radio and broadcast networks. A wide variety of prediction models exist but this paper will focus on Recommendation ITU-R P. 1546-1 [1] which is a general-purpose method for point-to-area field strength prediction. In this paper, ITU-R P.1546-1 is compared with measured data obtained in a 500 km campaign in the city of Brasília, Brazil. The automated data acquisition method developed for direct comparison is explained. An adjustment for the recommendation is suggested based on extensive simulation, tests and comparison with the measurements. The results show that the proposed adjustments greatly decrease both the mean error and the error deviation when compared to the prediction given by the ITU-R P.1546-1.

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