Calculation of the Propagation Constant of a Lossy Integrated Transmission Line using the Cell Method

M. Heshmatzadeh and G. Bridges (Canada)


Cell Method, Microstrip Transmission Line, Wave Propagation, Waveguides, Lossy Conductors.


The Cell Method, a direct discrete technique, is applied to solve the wave propagation equations of inhomogeneous lossy waveguides. A set of algebraic equations in matrix form is directly derived for time-harmonic analysis. An integrated transmission line with a lossy metallic conductor has been considered as an example and the validity of the technique investigated. The method is capable of modeling a lossy microstrip conductor over a lossy substrate (doped Silicon) and the providing associated non-uniform cross section current distribution. The complex propagation constant is derived by solving corresponding eigenvalue problem. The obtained numerical results are compared with analytical or empirical solutions.

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