A New Strategy for Indoor Propagation Fast Computation with MR-FDPF Algorithm

G. de la Roche, R. Rebeyrotte, K. Runser, and J.-M. Gorce (France)


Wave Propagation, Computational Electromagnetics, In door propagation, TLM, ParFlow.


The multi-resolution frequency domain ParFlow (MR FDPF) algorithm has been developed since 2001 for the purpose of Indoor wave propagation simulation. This algo rithm derives from a TLM like formalism, and implements a multi-resolution (MR) approach to compute efficiently full coverage of several access points (AP). This approach is well-designed for a wireless LAN planning because the computation load required to process an AP candidate is fast. The heart of the proposed approach holds in the MR nodes that are obtained by gathering recursively pixels into bricks. This requires a MR binary tree structure which should be adapted to the environment. In this paper, dif ferent strategies are evaluated to compute this binary tree. Computation load and memory consumption are evaluated on a real example. It is shown that an appropriate choice of the binary tree may decrease significantly the computation load associated with the method.

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