DFT Approach to Broadband Beam Scanning WITHOUT using Steering Delays

M.R. Sayyah Jahromi and L.C. Godara (Australia)


Broadband Beamforming, Steering Delays, Beam Scan ning, Smart Antennas, Antenna Arrays.


Scanning a broadband beam using an array of sensors is achieved by inserting steering delays in front of each sen sor to compensate for the misalignment between the array geometry and the scanning direction. Use of steering de lays may cause the loss of the performance of the system due to implementation errors. This paper studies the per formance of an easily implementable and computationally very ef´Čücient method that does not require steering delays and compares its performance with the mean square er ror minimization method. The method obtains the weights of array system by solving narrowband constrained beam forming problems at each frequency bin.

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