Advantages of Circulant MIMO Structures

S.A. Mirtaheri and R.G. Vaughan (Canada)


Channel Modeling, MIMO, Smart Antennas, Correlated (Circulant) Structures.


Multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) systems allow in creased capacity compared to single port antenna systems in the presence of multipath fading environments. The challenging areas in a MIMO system overlap between the propagation channel, the antennas and the signal process ing. In this paper the channel modeling and signal process ing aspects of a specific correlated structure, i.e. the circu lant, are investigated and compared to the completely ran dom (i.i.d.) structure. It will be shown that this correlated structure has a better performance in terms of capacity ef ficiency for practical SNRs. This behavior arises from the more similar eigenvalues of the circulant structure. In ad dition, the fact that circulant matrices have fixed eigenvec tors decreases the sensitivity of MIMO performance to the errors in the estimation of the eigenvectors of the channel matrix.

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