Non Linear Dielectric based Spiralantenna for Beam Adaptation

A. Mehta, D. Mirshekar-Syahkal (UK), and H. Nakano (Japan)


:Spiralantennaandbeamsteerableantenna. 2.


A single spiral antenna is proposed for adaptive beam applications. A layer of Non Linear Dielectric, having dielectric anisotropy properties, is embedded within the substrate of the antenna. The net dielectric constant of antenna can be changed to a desired value by applying suitable bias voltage to the Non Linear Dielectric layer. It is shown that the beam is steerable in various directions depending upon the net value of the dielectric constant withVSWRstayingatorfewer thantwoandgainstayinguniform within +1 dB. These results are also compared with results of another technique for beam steering, insertion of short/open circuit elementsonantennaarm,whichhasalreadybeendisclosed.

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