Design and Implementation of Dual-Band Circular Polarization Patch Antenna for Gps and DMB

S.M. Kim, W.K. Lee, and W.G. Yang (Korea)


DMB(Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), Circular polarization, Triangular patch antenna, GPS(Global Positioning System),


In this paper, we propose a single-feed multiple slotted dual-band triangular antenna with circularly polarized pattern. And we present the simulation and implemention results of the dual-band antenna for GPS(Global Positioning System) and DMB(Digital Multimedia Broadcasting). We designed patch antenna by using computer simulation program Ansoft Ensemble, and then some tuning followed with measurements. Frequency ratio of low-band(GPS) and high-band(DMB) is adjusted by size and location of slots in the triangular patch. Simulation results of the proposed antenna show proper electrical characteristics. Axial ratios, maximum gains and half-power beamwidths are 3.80dB, 8.85dBi, 67° for low-band at 1.575GHz and 2.02dB, 8.60dBi, 67° for high band at 2.642GHz, respectively. Measured results of the implemented antenna show proper electrical characteristics. S11, VSWR(Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) are -12.62dB, 1.61 for low-band at 1.575GHz and 26.28dB, 1.10 for high-band at 2.642GHz, respectively.

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