Microstrip Patch Radiating Elements for Circularly-Polarized Phased Array

P.G. Elliot and M.S. Mahmoud (USA)


phased-array antennas, microstrip antennas, circular polarization, electromagnetic modeling.


This report evaluates circularly-polarized single-probe fed microstrip patch radiating elements for a low profile phased array antenna. The design, measurements, and computer modeling results are described for two designs: one is a patent pending dual-slot on each side of the patch, and the other is a conventional single slot design. Antenna requirements also include: 14.40 to 15.35 GHz frequency band, 2 dB axial ratio, and low VSWR with scan. The patches were arrayed with 7 driven elements in an equilateral triangular lattice. Electromagnetic computer models accurately predicted performance. In particular, the measured directivity was extremely close to the computer model prediction, as was the frequency of best axial ratio. However, the computer model usually predicted better axial ratio and wider axial ratio bandwidth than was realized in the measurements.

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