RFID Antenna Designs for Paper Industry Applications: Passive Bow-Tie-Transponder Performance Analysis

M.E. Schaffrath, L. Ukkonen, L.T. Sydänheimo, and M.A. Kivikoski (Finland)


RFID, tag, paper reel, paper logistics, passive and bow tie-tag.


In this paper we represent the possibilities of the use of a broadband bow-tie-antenna in radio frequency identification (RFID). We measured passive bow-tie transponders in the UHF frequency region around the center frequency of 915MHz that is used in RFID in North America. Our main interest was to study the possibilities of bow-tie-transponders for paper logistics, and we measured the effect of paper on bow-tie-transponder operation. In addition, we compared bow-tie-transponders of two different sizes, made of different antenna material and substrate combinations. Differences in operation when measured with linearly and circularly polarized reader antennas were also studied. The impact of mounting a strap on the antenna with or without conductive adhesive was one theme for the research. Tags made of different materials operated in similar way. According to our experimental results, the conductive adhesive did not have a significant effect on the connection between strap and the antenna. The big bow tie-tags were a well-operating model without paper, but with paper in the vicinity the small bow-tie-transponders were transcendent.

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