Y-Shaped Monopole Antenna with Dual-Broadband for Wireless Communication

H.-M. Hsiao, J.-H. Lu, J.-W. Wu, and Y.-D. Wang (Taiwan)


Monopole antenna, WLAN, strip-sleeve


A novel dual-broadband Y-shaped monopole antenna with dual shorted I-shaped strip-sleeves for 2.4/5 GHz wireless local network area (WLAN) is proposed. Dual I-shaped strip-sleeves are introduced to be shorted with the ground plane to excite the upper resonant mode for operating at 5.8 GHz band. The obtained impedance bandwidths reach about 48.5% for 2.4 GHz band and 35.4 % for 5 GHz band, which meet the required bandwidth specifications of IEEE 802.11a/b/g standards. The measured peak antenna gains for the operating frequencies across dual WLAN bands are measured to be, respectively, 4.8 and 3.5 dBi with the gain variations within 1.0 dBi.

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