One-Sided Anchored Structures for the Realization of Conical Spiral Antennas

H. Sedaghat-Pisheh, M. Shahabadi, Y. Komijani, and S. Mohajerzadeh (Iran)


Bi-metal coating, three-dimensional on-chip structures, out-of-plane, Conical spiral antennas


Design and fabrication of spiral bi-metal structures suitable for the realization of miniaturized out-of-plane on-chip antennas is reported. The fabrication of such three-dimensional devices requires a consecutive deposition of nickel and chromium films on allocated areas where a sacrificial layer has been previously deposited and patterned. By proper chemical etching of the sacrificial layer, the spiral in-plane structure converts into an out-of-plane three-dimensional structure which could be used for antenna fabrication. Results of fabrication procedure and computer simulation of the structures are presented. Since the main structure of the device is made of a bi-layer of two different metals, an inherent stress is built-up between two layers and after removal of the sacrificial layer, the whole structure is suspended.

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