Millimetre Wave Monopulse Printed Antenna Array

M. Sierra-Perez, J.L. Fernandez Jambrina, J.L. Masa Campos, and P. Rodriguez Fernandez (Spain)


Millimetre wave antenna, monopulse radar, printed slots, waveguide monopulse circuit.


This paper presents the design and construction of a millimetre wave antenna to be used in a monopulse radar system [1]. The antenna must presents a narrow pencil beam with a monopulse double beam in both principal planes. Design conditions are restricted to low cost fabrication. Printed slots over mechanized waveguide have been selected as radiating elements of the array. A combination of printed and mechanized structure has been designed to get a low loss feeding structure and a mechanized waveguide structure is selected to perform the monopulse network.

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