Multiresolution Image Watermarking using Fuzzy Inference Filter

M.-S. Hsieh and D.-C. Tseng (Taiwan)


Digital watermarking, discrete wavelet transform, fuzzy system, adaptive quantization, entropy


An efficient DWT-based watermarking technique is proposed to embed signatures in images to attest the owner identification and discourage the unauthorized copying. This paper deals with a fuzzy inference filter to choose the larger entropy of wavelet coefficients to embed watermarks. Unlike most previous watermarking frameworks which embedded watermarks in the larger coefficients of inner coarser subbands, the proposed technique is based on utilizing a context model and fuzzy inference filter by embedding watermarks in the larger-entropy coefficients of coarser DWT subbands. The proposed approach allows adaptive casting degree of watermarks for transparency and robustness to resist the general image-processing attacks such as smoothing, sharpening, and JPEG compression. The approach has no need the original host image to extract watermarks and it has been shown having good results in both image transparency and robustness.

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