Behavior based Children Accidents' Simulation and Visualization: Planning the Emergent Situations

A. Simo, K. Kitamura, and Y. Nishida (Japan)


Children’s Accidents, Human/Infant Behavior generation/simulation, Educational 3D Games, Event-Based Agent’s Simulation, Accident Scenario.


As the population in certain countries becomes older, good technology to deal with quality-of-life issues will be essential. This in particular concerns countries, where the ratio of the future working people compared to people who need support from society is unbalanced. Technological solutions are needed to efficiently use available active human resources and deal with issues of the quality of the services offered for both the aged and the newborn generation. The following paper describes a method for simulating children’s behavior (especially those related to or causing accidents) in a 3D virtual environment. We base our research on the use of 3D graphics engine capabilities, while the behavior modeling is based on hybrid approaches which include AI scenario generation components, data gathered from experiments and probability belief networks. Their integration is our main aim and is intended to be done in an open architecture. We describe some key concepts that we employed in building this simulator and a view of future development planned for the course of analysis and visualization research that we are following.

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