DIBRA: A New Methodology to Autonomous and Interactive Software Agents Development

N. Houari and B.H. Far (Canada)


Multiagent Systems, Interaction, Development Methodology.


In this paper we present an approach that customize the BDI model to define a so-called “DIBRA: Desire Intention-Belief-Rapport-Adaptation” as a generic method to support progress from individual autonomous agent concept towards interactive multiple agents. Rapport here refers to the component that connects an agent to its environment, whereas Adaptation module incorporates mechanisms of learning. The contribution of this paper is twofold; first, we propose a development approach that enables us to combine the internal and the interactive structures of multiagent system; second, the proposed methodology is applied to a real-world application targeting assistance in product development process. We believe that the five proposed tiers for multiagent systems (MAS) development serves for mastering the complexity and the difficulty of setting up effective autonomous interactive MAS.

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