The Implementation of Remote Diagnosis in STR22FTM based on Mobile Agent

Y.F. Li (PRC)


Mobile Agent, Failure diagnosis, Intelligent breaker


: FIM is the key equipment of testing in the process of producing intelligent breaker, it has applied agent technology to improve the independence and adaptability of both the hardware and software. Also, it allows the user to define testing procedures and functions, as well as add and remove agents as required. However, the “gray box” results cause the diagnostic agent to not completely understand the failing system’s current state, and thus has difficulty completing the diagnostic task following a predefined procedure.. This paper introduces the use of remote network diagnosis based on mobile agent technology. The advantage of using mobile agents is that their mobility and self-determinant quality help to reduce network traffic and improve the adaptability of diagnostic software, shorten the response time and reduce the cost of diagnosis, all of which have led to desirable results in practical applications. This technology is very significant in the nowadays of present circumstance, which contains the complication of important equipment and system and the macroscale, intelligentized and trade of internationalization.

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