A Gene-based Early Warning Model in Home Network Control

H.-M. Lee, S.-F. Liao, and S.-Y. Lee (Taiwan)


Gene-based; Scaling factor; Fuzzy inference; Early warning


In this paper, we proposed a gene-based early warning model in home network control. This model not only can adapt the environment by adjusting the scaling factors but also provide the early warning messages for the users via the mobile devices. There are three modules in this model, saying, urgent rule base (URB), self tuning database (STDB) and urgent process module (UPM). URB provides the rules for UPM to do fuzzy inferences. STDB can tune the scaling factors to fit the real situations and provide the messages for UPM to infer. After inferring, UPM can determine the emergency events and send early warning messages to the users via the mobile devices. Via this model, our home network environment will be more reliable and safer.

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