Two Efficient RSA Digital Multisignature and Blind Multisignature Schemes

S.J. Aboud and M.A. Al-Fayoumi (Jordan)


RSA Scheme, Digital Multisignature, Blind Multisignature, Electronic Funds Transfer.


In this paper we examine the techniques of adjusting the RSA algorithm to allow multisignatures being simply applied by many users. The proposed algorithms will be suitable for employ in organizations. However, general uses might be the signing of cheques for electronic funds transfer where two or more organization representatives are needed to sign the cheque. The algorithms suggested in this paper are not restricted to RSA scheme. It means that every encryption algorithm e with the multiplicative ability e(k1) * e(k2) = e(k1 * k2) will work. For concreteness, however, we will employ RSA widely in this paper.

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