An Empirical Study of Schemata and the I2GA

D. Mongru and C.W. Dawson (UK)


genetic algorithms; I2 GA; schemata; building blocks


This paper details the continued development of a modification to the Canonical Genetic Algorithm (cGA), called the Inversion Intron Genetic Algorithm (I2 GA). This takes the form of a more theoretical approach. Ideas for the mechanics of the cGA led to the formulation of the Schema Theorem, and two measures of schemata. These measures were implemented on a test suite of problems, against comparable algorithms to gauge the relative performance of the I2 GA. The results prove encouraging, although outperformed by uniform crossover on the straightforward OneMax problem, the I2 GA produced competitive results for the Order-3 and Deceptive Order-3 problems. Schema specific results also demonstrate an ability to cultivate schemata demonstrated by a high schema order and defining length results.

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