WebFace: A Web-based Facial Animation System

M. Al-Marri, A. Al-Qayedi, and R. Benlamri (UAE)


Web-Based facial animation, face modelling


Facial animation has been a topic of intensive research for more than three decades. Still designing a realistic facial animation system remains a challenge. This paper describes a Web-based facial animation system based on a reduced set of features to generate realistic facial expressions commensurate to those of commercial systems. 3D facial modeling is enabled using the Candide wireframe model. An image registration process based on a set of control points input by the user over the web is then used to map face texture from the color image onto the constructed 3D model. The graphical design and coding of the system functions have been carefully optimized to enable efficient remote access over the Web. Experimental results show that the developed system, known as WebFace, exhibits almost real-time performance while producing realistic web-based facial expressions.

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