A Framework for Uniformly Visualizing and Interacting with Algorithms in E-Learning

A. Paramythis, S. Loidl, J.R. Mühlbacher, and M. Sonntag (Austria)


E-Learning, interactive algorithm visualization, framework, uniform interaction and didactic models


E-Learning materials contain more and more interactive elements, which are a unique asset compared to conven tional learning materials. But because of a usually frag mented development process (several co-existing genera tions of design, development over a longer time, many contributors, etc.), both presentation and interaction might vary widely between such materials, even within a single course offering. Furthermore, a common didactic model (what information is present, where and how it can be accessed, etc.) is hard to achieve. In this paper we propose a framework intended to address some of these issues by streamlining didactic, organizational and technical aspects of interactive e-learning examples. This framework has already been used and evaluated in the development of several such examples, which have been deployed in a blended-learning setting at the university level. While it is particularly well suited for visualizing various kinds of algorithms, it has also proven applicable for other types of interactive examples.

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