A Generic and Extensible Tool for Marking Programming Assignments

G. Tremblay, F. Guérin, and A. Pons (Canada)


Educational Software and Hardware, Automated Marking, Introductory Programming, Unit Testing


Marking programming assignments in introductory pro gramming courses involves a lot of work: each program must be tested, the source code must be read and evalu ated, etc. With the large classes encountered nowadays, the feedback provided to students through marking is thus rather limited, and often late. Tools providing support for marking programming as signments do exist, ranging from support for administrative aspects through automation of program testing or support for source code evaluation based on metrics. In this paper, we introduce a tool that provides sup port for submission and marking of assignments. It aims at reducing the workload associated with the marking task and, more importantly, at providing timely feedback to the students, including feedback before the final submission. Furthermore, the tool has been designed to be generic and extensible, so that it can deal with programs in various lan guages and it can be extended with various marking com ponents (modules).

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