Data-Band of Electromagnetic Still and Animated Graphics for Teaching over the Internet

S.R.H. Hoole, S. Aravinthan, T. Kuganeswaran, R. Vasanthakumar, and T. Gnanakumar (Sri Lanka)


Electromagnetics, Animated Graphics, CAI, Finite Elements, Finite Difference, Double Buffering.


This paper presents the development of a web-based data bank of electromagnetic graphics for the purpose of teaching over the Internet. In this development, we mainly consider pictures of electromagnetic fields such as electric field lines for a radiating point electric dipole, eddy-current distributions in conductors, travelling waves in a transmission line, standing waves in a transmission line and wave guides, both stills as well as animations. The web site of graphics was required to be browser independent so that standard browsers might load them. Also the downloading time ought to be optimized. Finite element techniques were very useful in achieving the above result. The field patterns were created using java applets of Java Development Kit 1.2.2 (JDK 1.2.2, The still pictures of equipotential lines at different times were taken and these images were animated with a java program which uses inbuilt thread class in java.awt packages. Still pictures at different time intervals were taken and saved as jpg image files using the “screen shooter” application program coming with the Red Hat Linux 6.2 operating system ( Flickering in animated images was removed with the use of double buffering technique. The web page development was done using HTML with applet tags.

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