Learning from Animated/Static Diagrams: Learners Opinions of CAL Materials and Environments

R. Naz Awan and B. Stevens (UK)


Educational Multimedia, Animation, Instructional Design and CAL.


This study investigated learner’s experiences of learning from diagrams (Animated, Static) in a Computer Aided Learning environment using an online notepad and assigned note taking strategy (Question Stems, Free Form Notes, No Notes). The task and environment was presented to subjects’ as a 10 minute computer based tutorial. After using the tutorial subjects’ were asked to answer three questions, the results revealed that test scores did not differ significantly according to the diagrammatic display subjects’ viewed (Animated, Static) nor the note taking strategy they had used (Question Stems, Free Form Notes, No Notes). Subjects were also asked to answer three feedback questions at the end of the test. The results revealed that those in the animated condition reported finding the tutorial more enjoyable, the information content in the tutorial easier to understand and the learning environment more assistive than those in the static condition. The results suggest that the diagrammatic display used to represent information can affect learner’s perceptions of instructional materials in CAL environments.

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