An Extensible Three-tier XML Dialogue System Architecture for Multimodal Interaction and Automated Agent Services

L. Li, F. Liu, and W. Chou (USA)


Dialogue System, Multimodal, Web Services, XML


In this paper, an extensible three-tier XML dialogue system architecture is described. It extends the paradigm of dialogue system and web convergence from XML based service application abstractions to an extensible dialogue system platform infrastructure. The proposed approach separates the stateful dialogue interaction logic from the stateless interactions between the platform and the communication channels/resources. It provides a generic and layered XML abstraction that decouples the dialogue management and interaction management to support different dialogue XML based applications. It utilizes a 2-way web service proxy for dynamic service integration, binding and invocation. An automated agent based on the proposed approach is developed which supports multi-channel and multimodal services in enterprise environment.

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