Analysis on the Effect of Packet Length on the RTP-based Real-Time Video Communications

H.-H. Kim and K.-Y. Yoo (Korea)


Real-time video communication, packetization, packet size, packet loss rate, quality


In this paper, we empirically analyze the effect of the packet length on the visual quality and transmission delay of the real-time video transmission over IP-based network. For the analysis, we use the H.263 standard and the Internet as video codec and the transmission network, respectively. The RTP/UDP/IP and RFC-2429 are used for the transport and the packetization of the compressed video bitstream, respectively. The packet loss rate and the video quality measured in PSNR (Peak SNR) are used in the evaluation. The result shows that there is a certain threshold in packet length which greatly impacts on the packet loss rate and visual quality at the receiver and that the transmission delay is proportional to the packet size, implicating that the selection of packet size is very important to the delay-sensitive application.

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