Scene Transition based on Image Registration for Web-based Virtual Tour

E.-Y. Kang and I. Yoon (USA)


Web and Internet Tools, Web-based Virtual Tour, Image Registration, View Synthesis.


In this paper, we present a web-based virtual tour system, Easy and Effective Virtual Tour (EEVT), and focus on describing a robust scene transition method based on an image registration technique. EEVT constructs a virtual tour from a set of images. It uses several snap shots of conventional photos without special tools, builds a simple 3D space within each photo using the spidery mesh technique, and expands the virtual spaces by connecting each space together. For high quality virtual tours, the capability of accurate space connection is crucial in order to provide smooth and seamless transitional scenes to virtual tourists during their navigation. We achieve the accurate scene connection using an image registration technique, which finds correspondences automatically and estimates transformations. Our registration method is a parametric approach and guarantees the accuracy and robustness based on the following key features: 1) coarse to-fine hierarchical estimation 2) fast computation based on image feature-correspondences 3) FFT-based global matching 4) automatic outlier removal by RANSAC. The expanded virtual space by our approach creates a sense of navigational freedom for virtual tourists with less distorted viewing.

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