E-Government Web Quality Assessment: A Citizen-Centric Approach

S. Wangpipatwong and W. Chutimaskul (Thailand)


E-Government assessment, Web quality model, information quality, system quality, and service quality


Using E-Government, citizen can receive better and/or convenient services compared to traditional government services. The challenge of E-Government can be used as a strategic tool for reducing operation and management costs. To gain additional benefits which are based on the scale of use, the government must encourage citizens to move from traditional services to E-Service. In particular, to encourage citizens to use E-Government Webs, the Webs must be citizen-centric. Furthermore, the quality of E-Government Webs is also important. This paper therefore proposes the E-Government Web Quality Assessment Model (E-Government WebQAM) for evaluation the quality of E-Government Web in citizen’ s point of view. The quality model covers three significant aspects: information quality, system quality, and service quality. The guidelines for applying our evaluating web quality model are also addressed.

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