ICT and Organizational Drivers for Global Enterprise Sustainable Competitiveness

A.D. de Oliveira and J.F. Oliveira (Portugal)


Web Based Management System, Digital Business, eCommerce, Global Competitiveness and Collaborative Processes


The Lisbon Initiative 2000 lays out a vision where Europe aims to become at the fore front of the Knowledge Society by 2010. The implementation action plan presents deep challenges to traditional manufacturing which need to embrace innovative practices and business models, duly supported by ICT tools, aiming towards more knowledge based and customized production and systems organization, able to respond competitively to global demand, whilst ensuring that any company’s most valuable asset, namely its people, is able to learn and share knowledge (e.g. [1]). In our research work, closely associated to the manufacturing communities, we have developed and applied effective methodologies to support their re organisation and business processes enabled by new ICT tools that allows them to achieve sustainable competitiveness driven by an effective innovation culture. This work was developed in the context of three RTD projects: SMARTISAN (IST-2000-26267), SCOOP (IST 2000-25200) and MOMENT (GIRD-CT-2002-00694) to be described in this paper.

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