Enabling Web Services Composition with Softward Agents

M. Matskin, P. Küngas, J. Rao, J. Sampson, and S.A. Petersen (Norway)


Software Agents, Web Services, Services Composition


We describe our solution to pro-active Web services selection and composition. In particular, we consider a logic-based method for services composition and marketplace-based system architecture supporting agent communication, negotiation and semantic reasoning in the composition process. Usage of agents allows supporting pro-activeness and autonomy of the composition process where both parties – customers and providers - can play an active role via autonomous operation and negotiation. The proposed architecture allows sufficient flexibility and extensibility in developing different solutions while providing a good set of default tools. In this paper we are focusing on our general conceptual solution to the problem of enabling Web services composition with software agents while for technical details and particular developed methods we refer to our other publications.

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