Designing Collaborative Learning Environment for Advanced Math

N.H. Arai and K. Kawamoto (Japan)


Distance Education, Collaborative Learning, Collaborative Working, Instructional Design


“E-Classroom” is a project to create an advanced learning community beyond the usual curricula on the Internet, in cooperation not only with teachers but also with mathematicians, scientists, and other highly esteemed researchers. The e-Classroom provides an advanced math course, “Write-in-Math!”, for talented youth. The “Write in-Math” course is managed by a team of mathematicians, logicians, computer scientists, and high school teachers. In this paper, we describe the designing process to support their collaborative teaching activities, how our system was accepted by the teachers, and how successful it was for them to polish their teaching skills on the Internet. We also discuss how the course influenced the students’ writing techniques. Our data shows that the more the learners attended the “Write-in Math!” course, the more improved their logical way of thinking and presentation became, and they attained better online communication methodologies.

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