Toward an Automatic Stream Selection Middleware

J.C. Beyer, U. Ahmed, and D.H.C. Du (USA)


Collaborative Systems and Applications, Middleware, Streaming, Vision


This paper presents an automatic stream selection system based on a three dimensional streaming user interface that can be used with a video and data streaming collaborative system enabling all participants to view experiments over the Internet. When researchers are collaborating via the Internet they likely will have a diverse set of available re sources. In order to enhance the collaborative capability of researchers such as those involved in the NEES MAST project here at the University of Minnesota, we propose a stream selection interface. The stream selection interface handles user interaction with a three dimensional object. The crucial part of this interface is to determine the set of nearest camera positions to a query position. Once the set of nearest camera positions is known the appropriate video stream(s) can be selected for playout. Because three dimensional collaboration is not a new area of research we chose to base our system on the HOOPS 3D ActiveX plug-in. The modiļ¬cations made to the HOOPS 3D system allow a collaborative system ac cess to camera location queries and user input for stream selection. Using this system the collaborators can be as sured that the video streams they are receiving are the best representations of the view they have chosen in their three dimensional streaming interface.

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