Design and Development of a Graphical Editor for Correspondence Database

Y. Katsura, N. Yokoo, and Y. Shigematsu (Japan)


Semi-structured Data, Correspondence Data Model, GUI


This paper presents the design and implementation of a Correspondence Database Editor (CDE), a software tool for creating and analyzing Correspondence Databases. Correspondence Database is a database based on Correspondence Data Model that we proposed. Correspondence Database is suitable for semi-structured data because the data are represented with labeled correspondences and the structure is essentially equivalent to a labeled directed graph. Correspondence Database is unnecessary to define a schema in advance as well as other database systems for semi-structured data. In Correspondence Database, it is not possible to query using the schema information. Therefore, a GUI for analyzing the structure of data is required. CDE provides visual data manipulations, which are “Correspondence Operations” and “Graphical Search Operation”. These operations enable users to make queries on semi-structured data efficiently. In the second half of this paper, we show how to analyze graph data using two types of operations.

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