The Method for XML Schema Integration by using a UML Diagram

Y.-W. Bai and K.-W. Feng (Taiwan)


Data Modeling, XML Schema, Schema Integration, UML


Due to the need for accessing large amounts of information from Web applications, an integrated access to the heterogeneous data sources remains the focus of ongoing research. XML is a new standard for the representation and exchange of data over the Web. The core of XML data integration is schema integration. There has been much research on the integration of the conceptual data model, which transformed from the XML schemata (DTD or XML Schema). In this paper, we define a data model XCM based on UML class diagram and modeled two XML Schema as XCMs, and then propose a procedure for integrating the two diagrams to obtain a global conceptual model. The procedure has three steps: clustering of concepts, simplify the root model, and merging of the models. Our method resolves the conflicts during integration in reason and makes the global schema meet the criteria of the schema integration.

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