Data Integration and Cache-Answerability of Queries through XML View of Data Source on the Web

J.-W. Hong and H. Kang (Korea)


databases and the Web, XML, data integration, Web querying, XML view, semantic caching, cache answerability of query


An approach to the integration and querying of heterogeneous data sources on the Web is to employ a common data model in which each data source is exported. XML is an ideal one to play such a role. Each data source on the Web is transformed into XML by a wrapper, providing its XML view. Web applications can issue XML queries against such views. The results of frequent queries could be cached for repeated reuse or for efficient processing of the relevant queries. Through such XML semantic caching, more specific and cached XML views of data sources could be provided with enhanced query performance. In this paper, we address data integration and cache-answerability of queries through XML views of data sources on the Web, identifying the core technical issues involved, describing our solutions, and presenting their performance.

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