A Unified Object Database for Biochemical Pathways

T.S. Jung, J.S. Oh, M.S. Ahn, and W.-S. Cho (Korea)


Database Integration, Query, Biochemical pathway databases, Simulation


One of the most important studies in post-genome era is identifying functions of genes and understanding the interaction among genes. Such interactions form complex biological pathways, and then such pathways are very useful to understand the organism system. We present an integrated biological pathway database system with a set of software tools for the integration of heterogeneous biological data and dynamic reconstruction/ visualization of the pathways from the database. The novel features of the presented system include: (a) automatic integration of the heterogeneous biological pathway databases, (b) gene ontology based query and biochemical simulation supports to the pathway database, (c) dynamic pathway reconstruction system for gene list or sequence data, (d) graphical tools which enable users to visualize pathways dynamically, (e) importing/exporting SBML documents, a data exchange standard for system biology.

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