Energy Efficient Security Method for Wireless Sensor Network with Hiding Location Information

J. Hyun and Sungsoo Kim (Korea)


Security, sensor network, relative location, power


Wireless sensor networks consist of many inexpensive wireless nodes, each having sensing capability with some computation and communication power. Even though sensor nodes have limited computation capability, power and storage, the main purpose of sensor nodes is collecting of information. And the information must be protected from unexpected user. For the protection and security of information in sensor network, cryptographic algorithms are used even though they consume large amount of power on wireless sensor networks which have limited computation, power, and storage resources available on sensor nodes. To overcome this excessive power consumption, we suggest energy efficient security method which maps real location to relative coordinate. By using relative coordinate, location information can be hidden and can support security. In this security method, relative distance which is calculated from relative coordinate is used during communication between nodes to hide location information.

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