Towards the Future or: LifeShirt; Wearable Patient Monitoring and AIDA with Network Connection

N. Halín, M. Junnila, P. Loula, and P. Aarnio (Finland)


wearable patient monitoring, operating room, endoscopy, and video


The aim of this project was to study, plan and demonstrate different solution alternatives to the wireless operating room that these solution alternatives take into account the usability and availability of services. New procedures were planned, which clearly made the different more efficient and improved the quality of services. With this project we could survey the possibilities and risks that wireless technology brings with it. A further aim was to demonstrate the remote use of the wireless patient monitoring systems and to present new alternative user interfaces to doctors. As the project proceeded, the digital saving/filing of the operating endoscope process and the possibility to follow this operating process in another room through video was implemented. In addition we looked for possibilities for patient monitoring with the help of wearable technology. The purpose was to find solutions and recommendations for the utilization of wearable technology. To solve the financial and the operational problems we tried to find new ways and technologies to improve the working of the OR environment. In this paper we describe two areas of our project, LifeShirtTM , the patient monitoring system and AIDA with network connection, the digital saving opportunity of endoscope process and the possibility to follow the operation in another room.

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