A Fast Evolutionary Algorithm for Multicast Routing in Wireless Networks

S. Al-Sharhan (Kuwait)


Multicast routing, Wireless networks, Population based in cremental learning


This paper tackles the issue of constrained multicast rout ing in wireless networks using a hybrid soft computing based algorithm. Recent development in multimedia appli cations and the dynamic and rapidly changed environment of the wireless networks make the constrained multicast routing a new challenge. The problem can be formulated as minimizing a multicast tree cost under several constraints or Quality of Service (QoS) metrics. This problem has been proven to be NP-complete. The proposed hybrid algorithm is based on a population based incremental learning algo rithm that combines in an ef´Čücient way the features of ge netic algorithms and competitive learning. Experimental results show that, in most cases, the proposed algorithm yields better solutions than other heuristic algorithms pro posed in the literature.

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