Improvement of Front-Back Sound Localization Characteristics in Headphone-based 3D Sound Generation

M.-H. Park, S.-I. Choi, S.-H. Kim, and K.-S. Bae (Korea)


3D sound, HRTF, Sound localization, and Confusion Enhancement


A binaural filtering method using HRTF Database is generally used to make the headphone-based 3D sound. But it can make some confusion between front and back directions or between up and down directions due to the non-individual HRTF depending on each listener. To reduce the confusion of sound image localization, we propose a new method to boost the spectral cue by modifying HRTF spectra with spectrum difference between front and back directions. Informal listening tests show that the proposed method improves the front-back sound localization characteristics much better than the conventional methods

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