An Integrated Approach for Device Independent Publication of Complex Multimedia Documents

F. Hendrickx, T. Beckers, N. Oorts, and R. Van De Walle (Belgium)


Web Information Systems, adaptive hypermedia, document generation, device independence


The increasing number of devices for multimedia con sumption poses a significant challenge on the device in dependence of multimedia publication systems. More over, media content itself becomes increasingly complex, complicating the creation and management of content in a multichannel context. In this paper, we describe how the XiMPF document model (based on MPEG-21 DID) improves device independence through the integration of descriptive languages for structure, layout, synchronisation and interactivity. Its transparent handling of singular and composed media items greatly improves reusability across platforms. We describe how our publication infrastructure generates content for multiple client devices, and demon strate the extensiblity of our approach by adding support for the creation of sequential output documents. The pub lication system is applied to the news site of the leading Belgian broadcaster VRT, generating adapted content for four platforms: PC, TV with set-top box, PDA and SMIL based players.

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