Tree-based Mixing: A New Communication Model for Voice-Over-IP Conferencing Systems

M. Irie, K. Hyoudou, and Y. Nakayama (Japan)


Multimedia Information Systems, Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Conferencing, Multimedia Communication Systems, Over lay Networks


In this paper, we present a new communication model for voice-over-IP (VoIP) conferencing systems. As the Internet evolves into a world-wide communication infrastructure, VoIP conferencing systems have become feasible. The traditional conferencing system based on a client/server model has a problem that the server must provide a high bandwidth, which is proportional to the number of partici pants, to hold the conference. We propose a decentralized VoIP conferencing model, tree-based mixing, which solves this problem by using overlay trees that perform mixing and forwarding. The root nodes and the internal nodes of the tree work cooperatively behaving as if each of them were part of a server of the client/server model. We also propose an overlay tree construction method that alleviates the increase in overall delay attributed to forwarding over the tree. The paper gives an overview of the communica tion model, describes an overlay construction method, and compares the tree-based model with existing conferencing models.

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