Towards Automatic Setup of Distributed Multimedia Applications

M. Lohse and P. Slusallek (Germany)


Multimedia Information Systems, Distributed Multimedia Systems, Multimedia Tools and Architectures


Recent developments in the area of multimedia middleware have proven to provide suitable abstractions for supporting various ubiquitous computing scenarios. As a typical ex ample, home entertainment applications aim at providing a “follow-me” service, where audio/video output is per formed using devices embedded in the current surrounding of the user. However, manually setting up such distributed multi media applications is a complex task. Therefore, middle ware needs to provide further guidance. In this paper, we provide an in-depth analysis of the challenges for such a service. Based on these observations, an algorithm is de rived that allows for the automatic creation of distributed multimedia data flow graphs from a given high-level de scription. The applicability and performance of our ap proach is evaluated by demonstrating relevant application scenarios.

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