Wireless Streaming based on a Scalability Scheme using Legacy MPEG-2 Decoders

D. Jarnikov, P. van der Stok, and J. Lukkien (The Netherlands)


Video streaming, MPEG, and scalable video coding


In this paper, we present an improved SNR scalable video coding scheme for a wireless video streaming system that efficiently transmits video to multiple devices. The scalable video transmission can adapt to the widely and frequently fluctuating bandwidth while maintaining smooth video watching. The proposed video coding scheme requires standard non-scalable MPEG-2 video decoders. The new scheme produces video without dependencies of the Base Layer on an Enhancement Layer and dependencies between frames in an Enhancement Layer. This allows an easy drop of an arbitrary number of frames from an Enhancement Layer and decreases the required bandwidth, which helps to accommodate wireless link fluctuations. The paper presents results of an evaluation, where the new scalable video scheme is compared to a non-scalable solution. The attention is drawn to issues such as bandwidth overhead, additional resources needed on the receiver side and bandwidth distribution over the layers.

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